2021 Calendar

Enter Now!

Entry Confirmation - This is what happens if you enter a CRMC Event Online:

  • When events are available to enter, they will show at the top of this page
  • Make sure you have registered on this website
  • Join the club online here (or you can pay for a weekend membership)
  • Add the classes you want to race in here
  • Enter the race meeting and add or choose your payment card
  • You won't pay straight away. We'll take your payment approximately 1 week before the event

This is what happens if you enter a CRMC Event using a paper form:

  • You send your completed Entry Form to the Race Entry Secretary 
  • You make your payment, either by card, Bank Transfer or Cheque 
  • Your name will be added to the list of applicants - no confirmation will be issued at this stage, as we need to build the race programme once all entries have been received 
  • Once payment is received, all entries are formally confirmed by post to the
  • entrant/competitor (with all meeting details) two weeks before the race
  • meeting date 

In case of any queries, please contact anji.yardley@crmc.co.uk


Here are CRMC Race Events planned for 2021

Whilst the CRMC will do its best to ensure these dates do not change, please check back here for any last-minute updates.