Round 1: CRMC Pembrey - Wow, what a way to start the season? The forecast was atrocious with storm Kathleen coming right over us. Many of us wondered if we would have a race meeting at all. Certainly we were pretty lucky. 

CRMC Pembrey 6-7 April 2024 - Race Report by Jono Yardley 

If the horrendous winds which happened both on Thursday and Saturday evening had been during the daytime, we would NOT have been racing, but the racing Gods were definitely with us and we had some brilliant racing. I can honestly say that out of the 44 races, only a handful were a little disappointing. There were some outstanding performances across all races and it certainly made for exciting commentating and I’m sure that everyone watching would have enjoyed them as much as we did. 

Catching our commentator's eye were... 

Obviously I’m not able to mention everyone as space simply doesn’t allow, but I will mention a few of the outstanding rides we witnessed. Charles Murdoch is building his house at the moment, so isn’t able to commit to many rounds, but this weekend saw him back on top form that was for sure. 3 Class wins on his little 250 Honda ain’t a bad way to start the year. 
Charles Murdoch (113) racing his Honda 250  
Young Joe Woodward’s excellent form from last year continues, He’s smashing to watch with crazy angles of lean and super fast speeds across his many rides. In the ACU 500 Classic he put the Molnar Manx on the top step of the podium – it doesn’t get any better than that. 
Joe Woodward (46)  
Phil Godber started racing again last year after several seasons of parading. I can clearly remember him saying to me that he wasn’t fast enough to race anymore. Well he certainly proved that to be nonsense with a 3rd, two 2nds and a win to top it all. And he had to work hard and ride very quickly to achieve that. 
Phil Godber (50) Yamaha TZ350 
John Bolsover, Andy Green, Rob Mawbey and Mark Edge made for some super competitive racing in the same TZ 350 class. But the outstanding performance in that class has to be Daniel Jackson with 3 straight wins. Daniel was also pretty dominant in the Lansdowne races with 2 wins. It’s hard to think of two more different bikes than a TZ and a G50, so obviously he has talent aplenty. 
John Bolsover (142) 
Andrew Green (114) 
Rob Mawbey (37) 
Mark Edge (88) 
Daniel Jackson (137) 
This was the inaugural meeting that saw the introduction of Post Classic Era 3 bikes, and with great anticipation we were able to welcome slightly younger machinery to our super friendly paddock, namely bikes like the Kawasaki ZXR 750, the Honda CBR 600, the Suzuki GSXr and last but no means least the big Ducati V twins in both 748 and 916 guises. And boy they did not disappoint. We had some truly thrilling races that’s for sure. Perhaps the best would be the brilliant battles between Ant Hart on his 916 and Mike Smith on his ZXR. Totally different bikes, but undoubtedly two of the finest classic bike riders anywhere in the world. Put simply there is absolutely nothing between them and the results show this with two wins apiece. But another rider that put in consistently excellent performances on the steel framed Honda 600 was Mark Roxborough, but he was not alone with the mix of 748’s and CBR 600’s proving a very even match for each other. So for sure PC Era 3 is proving a massive success for both riders and spectators alike. 
Mike Smith (40), Kawasaki ZXR750 battles with Ant Hart (75), Ducati 916 in the wet 
Mark Roxbrough (119) 
Of course any CRMC meeting would not be complete without Paraders and it was great to see Phil Landeg be awarded Parade Bike of the meeting for his immaculate Rob North Trident in it’s beautiful anthracite silver. Kevin Van de Worp’s spectacular Moto Guzzi was chosen as the Race Bike of the meeting. It’s great to see Kevin going so well on the big Italian V twin, several class wins and very respectable times are the proof of this. 
Phil Landeg (98) Rob North Trident 
Kevin Van de Worp (8) Moto Guzzi 
But Finally the Rider of the day award title, needed amending this weekend to ‘Driver & Passenger of the day. For myself & Rusty as commentators, this was an easy choice for us to make. It’s not that often that a very successful and established solo rider makes the decision to drive an outfit, but that’s exactly what David Tetley did. When offered the chance to have a go by Dave Gristwood, he jumped at the chance, and partnered by Dan Mills, they were immediately competitive and unbelievably was pushing Jack Gristwood & Alice Smith for the lead. We watched with open mouths as he drove with seemingly natural skill and talent. Quite simply top notch and brilliant. On Sunday they even took an outright win. I’ll be very excited to see them back in three wheel action hopefully soon. 
David Tetley and Dan Mills, both wearing novice jackets, proving their talent racing a sidecar 

Roll on Round 2: Darley Moor 4 - 5 May 2024 

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On 11th April 2024 at 08:15, Roger Bryant wrote:
It is good to have a report straight after the meeting. Well done to all.
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