Sidecar Outfits Eligibility Application Form 

Before applying to the CRMC for an Eligibility Certificate for your machine, please note: 
Please read the current version of CRMC Eligibility Booklet and the section relating to your particular machine (click the link above) 
An Eligibility Certificate or temporary eligibility will be required prior to racing at CRMC Events. It will be usual for the Eligibility Officer to physically inspect the machine prior to full eligibility being granted. 
The Eligibility Certificate when issued remains the property of the CRMC and the certificate may be revoked for any discrepancies to recorded detail or changes to the machine that have not been agreed and recorded by the CRMC Eligibility Officer. 
All members and applicants must abide by the CRMC Rules (click here - link will open a new window) 

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Age & Types of Machines 

Machines considered in the following groups will normally be of a type raced in Europe in the relevant period. Other machines that do not meet this criterion may be referred for inclusion by the CRMC committee 

Click on these heading for more details 

This period will cater for Production Based Air-Cooled Twin Cylinder 2 Valve Motorcycle Engines (750 Production Twins) for all standard stroke 2 valve air cooled twins. Note 650cc to 750cc big bore kits are eligible for this period, Eligible engines will be BSA A65/70, Triumph T120/140, Norton Atlas/Commando, BMW R75, Yamaha XS650, Moto Guzzi 750cc, Ducati 750cc, Harley Davidson 750cc and any other production based twin cylinder air-cooled 2 valve engine to 750cc from the classic period. 
In Period 1 engines can go to +1mm overbore on manufacturers original bore and + 1mm on the standard bore of any big bore kit used to raise a 650cc engine to 750cc. 
This period will cater for Twin Cylinder Engined Specials and Multi Cylinder Engines both two and four stroke engines (750 Specials and Multi’s) for engines with altered stroke lengths, 4 valve twins and any multi cylinder engine from the classic period limited to 750cc. Probable engines - BMW Short stroke, Honda CB750, Nourish Weslake/Triumph Weslake, Triumph/BSA 3 cylinder. Other classic engines may be eligible for Period 2 but must be requested in writing to the CRMC committee for approval. 
In Period 2 engines are limited to 750cc. 
Note – 2 Stroke car/boat engines from the period (pre 1967) can run in this championship e.g. DKW and Crescent limited to 750cc, however the use of Reed valves places these engined sidecars into Period 3. 
This period will cater for all classic eligible engines both two and four stroke over 750cc up to 1000cc, engines can be bored or stroked to achieve the 1000cc limit. Also eligible are car engines from the classic period (e.g. Imp, Saab, NSU, Honda) any hybrid engine produced in the period (e.g. Earles Arrow, FATH URS) 
In Period 3 engines are limited to 1000cc. 
This period will cater for all classic eligible engines over 1000cc up to 1300cc e.g. BMW, Vincent, Imp, NSU. 
In Period 3a engines are limited to 1300cc. 
This period will cater for a limited number of post 1967 two stroke engines and post 1972 four stroke engines detailed below are the current eligible engines excepted for this period. 
Production based engines - Suzuki GT 750cc three cylinder water cooled two stroke engine, Suzuki T500cc twin cylinder air cooled two stroke engine, Suzuki GS 750cc four cylinder 8 valve air cooled engine. Kawasaki 500/750cc three cylinder air cooled two strokes, Kawasaki Z2 750cc four cylinder 8 valve air cooled engine. 
Grand Prix Engines – Konig 500/680cc Water Cooled Flat Four Two Stroke engine. 
Note – Other post 1967 two stroke and post 1972 four stroke engines may be considered eligible for Period 4 but must be requested in writing to the CRMC committee for approval. 

Sidecar Eligibility Form 

For all Sidecars. Either complete the online application here or scroll down to download the form 

CRMC Online Sidecar Eligibility Application 

First name
Last name
Contact details
Machine Details 
Year (if appl.)
Measured front wheel spindle to rear wheel spindle
Sidecar length
Measured from the centreline of rear wheel to the centreline of sidecar wheel
Sidecar width
Serial number
Bore (mm)
Stroke (mm)
Total cc
Engine capacity
Suspension and Carburettors 

Wheels & brakes 

Rim width
Tyre size
Front wheel
Rear wheel
Sidecar wheel
Please upload 4 photos, one taken from each side, with the fairing on and off (max. file size 5mb). After clicking "Send", please remember to Click Pay Now to pay the £27.00 Eligibility Fee; we will not be able to consider your application until you have paid! Online payments are handled by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account: 
Please remember to click to pay the registration fee of £27.00. Online payments are handled by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account: 
Alternatively, you can download and print off the form: 

If you have any questions please contact one of our Eligibility Officers: 

Classic Eligibility - John Davidson 
Post-Classic Eligibility - Andy Pike 
Sidecar Eligibility - Steve Reilly 
Technical Problems with the website or dowloading - Mark George 

CRMC Championships More about our Classes & Championships 

We do our best to fill the grids with compatible machines that will be competitive against each other. Obviously, this very much depends on the machines that enter each individual race event but we think you'll find that a good mix and variety of machinery makes for good, close and competitive racing at CRMC events. 
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