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Post Mallory Park Report to Members

Last weekend’s CRMC Mallory Park meeting suffered from delays, interruptions and other problems as a result of the high drive-by noise readings on Sunday, exacerbated by an unfavourable wind direction and competitors not able to hear the paddock tannoy. The Mixlr internet-based PA system also stopped working, further disrupting communications. Many competitors were unaware of the cause of the delays on Sunday as the tannoy and Mixlr systems were problematic even during the quiet of the lunch hour.

Saturday’s programme ran remarkably well considering the wet weather that prevailed all day, only one race was carried over to Sunday and there were no red flag stoppages for noise.   

Sunday’s weather was much better, to all intents and purposes dry all day, but the wind continued to carry the noise towards the village of Kirkby Mallory.  During the first race on Sunday the Mallory Park noise monitoring system was recording high levels and one rider was black-flagged for an excessively high reading on the drive-by.

The Production race was the next race on track and ran without any problems, but then three of the next four races/parades were red-flagged as a result of exceeding the permitted noise levels.

An early lunch was called at 11.40 am to discuss the situation with circuit staff.

The solution included managing the race programme to make the best use of the half-hour intervals of noise monitoring, and to noise testing bikes outside race assembly and identify machines recording over 105db.  Bikes recording over the 105db limit were not allowed out.  The published running order was maintained in light of the difficulties with the paddock tannoy system.

After lunch, only one race out of the fifteen events completed was red-flagged due to noise, but the noise levels remained precariously high even though most races were running with fewer riders.

The effect of the delays and stoppages on the Sunday programme was that seven races were lost.

A detailed review of the events at Mallory Park (including why machines that passed the static noise test on Saturday were recording high readings on the drive-by system) will be fully investigated. We will be publishing any changes to the CRMC noise testing procedures and advice on making sure your bike(s) pass future noise testing.

CRMC Race Organisation Team

12th May 2021