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The marshals page on the CRMC Website is now equipped with the availability forms for 2021. It would be great if any marshals that would like to get involved with the club would be able to fill this form in and send it back to our Chief Marshal, Ann Mallett, as soon as is convenient.

Marshalling with the CRMC has many perks:

  • Work with like minded enthusiasts who have a genuine passion for racing
  • Get close with some of the best racing in the UK and the best Classic Racing in the world
  • We can give you Racesafe signatures
  • We always want to develop our marshals. All of our Corner Commanders started out as standard pickup and flag marshals. We develop you as a marshal and let you increase your skill base, so you can go further
  • ¬£15 a day towards your expenses
  • Overalls if required
  • CRMC Membership after an amount of meetings completed. This gives you voting rights at the AGM and means you can attend the Dinner Dance
  • A "Marshal of the Year" award, recognising excellence, dedication and commitment to the CRMC.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in contact with either Chief Marshal, Ann Mallett (07831 853052), or Deputy Chief Marshal, Roy Cartwright (07887 601122).

We look forward to seeing you at a CRMC Round in 2021!