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Need cheering up? Get along to Steve Parrish's MAD Tour!

The lights are on, the revs are up and we’re ready to go for the final rounds of this season MAD TOUR! 

IOM TT, World Superbike and BBC commentator, ex motorcycle & truck racer and the eternal practical joker, Steve Parrish, has added new dates to his already successful MAD Tour (My Adolescent Dad) hosted by Frankie, his daughter however a slight change at some of the shows as Michelle, Steve’s wife, will be hosting a few making it My Arsehole Darling M.A.D Tour! 

Steve has a book coming out around May 2018. The book – Steve Parrish – My life as a Motorcycle racer – The Parrish Times tells the emotion and feeling about his life, loves and experiences in and around racing, full of funny stories giving you a chance to appreciate how times have changed! Will we ever have characters like Stavros emerging from our modern day racers! The shows after that will be called "The Parrish Times Uncut Version" relaying the stories that weren’t allowed in the book. 

Get along to the shows, an evening both men and women will enjoy! 

People who have already seen the show are returning to hear more of the stories: 


Sam Corser tweeted ‘I laughed, I cried & I cried laughing, bloody brilliant’ 


Mike Jackson Journalist said “The best of many hilarious stories were the infamous practical jokes that somehow went pear-shaped; genuinely, I’ve not laughed so much for years” 


Nick from Kent tweeted ‘Stavros is polished, funny and inspirational’ 


Another tweet from the hundreds received said ‘What a fantastic night, Steve must be the funniest man I’ve ever seen’ 


Comedian Vic Reeves commented, “The man is MAD but very funny, loved the stories and pranks, even I’d be proud of them” 


Comedian Ross Noble stated, "A fantastic night, such a legend and you think I’m bonkers he’s just crazy!” 


For more details on the MAD Tour check out www.madtour.co.uk 

For more information about Steve take a look at his web site www.steveparrishracing.com 


Don’t miss out on one of the most entertaining, colourful characters left in Motorsport!