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Can you help us? We are looking for 1) Recovery Van & 2) Sidecar for display

1) Recovery Van & Driver 

2) A sidecar to display at the Stafford Show 

Can you help? Please read on... 


1) Recovery van + Driver 

Our Chief Marshal Ann Mallett is calling for a recovery van & driver for the important job of recovery at our race meetings this year. Len Hunt has been the main man for this crucial job for several years, but he hasn't been too well recently and regrettably cannot commit for this season. Many thanks Len for your help over the years, it is much appreciated and we all hope you get well soon. 

So, if you think you can help with a van, please get in touch. We'll pay your mileage expenses and you'll receive £15 per day as a marshal! You'll also get to see some of the best motorcycle racing up close!  

Maybe you are going to the CRMC race meetings anyway and are happy to let us borrow your van?


2) A Sidecar to display on the CRMC Show Team stand April 21-22 

Our busy Show Team will be representing the CRMC at the BIG ONE - the Stafford Classic Bike Show and are looking for a sidecar to go on the display stand along with the solos.

If your outfit is available over the weekend of April 21-22, please get in touch with Ken Perch (07787 565648) and he'll give you more details and organise your tickets.