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AGM 23 November 2019 - The Headlines & Highlights

CRMC Club Rules are changed to allow (some) later machines

At the AGM, CRMC members agreed to change the club rule and change the cut-off date from 1986 to 1994, on a selective basis.CRMC changes the cut-off date for some classes

Although the meeting heard that there was no grid space for an extra race, there is space to run new classes and sub-classes in the existing programme. The Classic sector of our racing is still performing well and there is no need or intention to change anything here, so the focus is to grow the Post Classic sector to start filling gaps. Some guarantees were given:

  • No current bike racing with us will be made ineligible
  • No current classes to be removed – all bikes currently being raced with the CRMC will still be racing with us
  • Classic bikes will be unaffected
  • There will no blanket extension of the cut-off dates – it will be on a case by case basis

The superbike cut-off date of 1986 will not change as we have no intention of introducing slicks and tyre warmers. Possible machines that could benefit from sensible extensions would be:

  • 125’s (say to 1989)
  • GP 2 stroke
  • 400’s/250’s either production or silhouette race class
  • Supermono and so on
  • Selected 750’s

Further details and an updated Eligibility Rules book will be published soon.


New Website Explained

With my "webmaster" hat on, I introduced the new CRMC Race Office System and website. The website is a bit like an iceberg...this is just the visible bit of our icebergcomprehensive new race office system, which we hope will help our busy Race Office Team manage race events from next year (and won't be something we have to avoid!).

I am still getting to grips with the new system, so please bear with me as we "bed-in" the new website management system and understand how to manage the content. If you do spot anything that doesn't look right or doesn't seem to work properly, please get in touch with me (mark.george@crmc.co.uk). You'll see lots of new features gradually appear over the next few weeks as we prepare for the 2020 race season.

How do I join? And what do I need to do?

  • To start with, register on the new website
  • Then Join the CRMC. Please note that "Registration" isn't the same as "Joining"
  • You'll create an account with your name, address, date of birth and contact details
  • You'll then need to add your Next of Kin details
  • All these details are easy to amend, so if you move, change your phone number or email, you can simply log in to your account and update your details
  • Next, add your Racing Machines in your "virtual garage". We'll be updating this section in the next week or so, to add the Eligibility Number. 
  • Once your machine or machines are in your garage, you'll see the Noise Test revs are shown; these details will be printed on the scrutineering cards and are not amendable
  • Your racing number will be added by our race office team, this isn't something you can enter. but don't worry, we usually know who has which number and we'll get this set up for you

There is also a paper form if you prefer, but it will help us a lot if we could encourage everyone to try and join online. If you get stuck, we'll help!

Next year you will be able to enter races and pay by card online. All the behind-the-scenes work to produce the paperwork for technical officials, marshals and scrutineers will be generated from the race office system, saving heaps of time and work.

CRMC are Finalists in the RAC Historic Awards

Chairman Gordon Russell announced that the CRMC had been selected as an entrant to this prestigious award and had succeeded to be nominated as one of just three finalists. Vice-Chairman Ian Johnson (aka "Sidecar Bloke") and his partner Lynne represented the CRMC at the award ceremony in Pall Mall on 22 November. Sadly we didn't win this time, but we have the privilege of using the RAC Historic Award emblem. Better luck next year! 

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New Rider Scheme

This new initiative should encourage new riders to start with the CRMC. Racing with the CRMC is likely to be a more affordable route to starting racing a motorcycle in the UK, partly because race entry costs compare favourably against other clubs and partly because there isn't the necessity of replacing tyres as frequently as other clubs racing modern motorcycles. The Scheme will give:

  • new riders a free entry for their first race (ACU Insurance to be paid)
  • Buddy Scheme to help with advice from an experienced club member
  • Circuit Walks / Paddock layout Walks Friday evening
  • Ideas are being considered for a Novice Championship - no decisions have been made yet but we'll publish them here when we know more
  • More information is coming soon, but meanwhile, if you know someone who is thinking about getting a race licence and racing a motorcycle, please tell them that CRMC will have something really special next year!

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CRMC introduces 2 new ACU Championships in 2020

We are pleased to announce there will be two new ACU Championships in 2020:

  • The ACU Classic will comprise a 350cc Championship and a 500cc Championship
  • They will have equal prize money and awards, with no differentiation for disc brakes
  • The ACU Post Classic will comprise a 750cc Championship and a 1300cc Championship
  • The prize fund will be spread out amongst the field
  • In this way, we'll encourage more bikes to produce exciting racing all the way through the grid  

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