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Allspeeds History Timeline

The iconic Allspeed exhaust was the brainchild of Peter Gibson. Peter raced his motorcycles across Europe for several years and had started building expansion chambers for his own race bikes, when fellow racers asked Peter to build some for them.

This turned into Peter’s full-time job when he left work in the London docks to start his business 1977

The Allspeed name was a suggestion made from an electrician who was wiring up Peter’s new workshop at the time. Pete thought it was a great idea and the Allspeed brand was created. Peter sold the company (but importantly not the Allspeed brand name) to Wheelies & Co in South London.

A year later Wheelies & Co sold out to Micron Exhausts. Micron realised that the Allspeed name was still Peter’s so Micron’s exhausts were branded a very similar ‘Genuine Allspeed’. Peter changed his business name to Gibson Exhausts and went onto build race exhausts for many top racers and teams during the late 1980’s and 1990’s.


Tony Greenslade purchased Gibson Exhausts and was trained by Peter for several years before Peter retired to Australia. Tony resurrected the manufacturing of Allspeed expansion chambers as well as the one-off exhausts.


Tony was joined by his wife Claire. Claire re-organised the business to concentrate on the most popular models of the Allspeed range, whilst improving the manufacturing process and listening to customers needs.


The brand name ‘Allspeed’ was trademarked and is now officially owned by Tony Greenslade. Allspeed and the Gibson Exhausts Brands were incorporated into the one existing company Stinkwheels.


Allspeed are now re-launching models such as the Suzuki GT750, Yamaha TZR125 and Honda NS125F/R.

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