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Starting the CRMC wheels turning again

We all want to go racing again and no doubt you have seen that MotoGP, F1, BSB are planning to start racing in the near future albeit behind closed doors. You have also had an email from the ACU implying that motorcycle sport is about to spring into life. I guess your bikes have never been so polished and honed to the peak of perfection just like you, and so you are ready to spring into action.

However, at the moment, no motorcycle road race meetings have an ACU permit to run. Further, current COVID-19 restrictions banning overnight camping, the number of people gathering together (6 as from Monday June 1) and restrictions on travelling except for work, medical matters and exercise would stop us running a race meeting anyway. COVID-19 is still infecting people and the over 65’s are still those that are most at risk. So, actually going racing again is not as straightforward as we might have expected.

Please download and read the PDF on this page, which highlights the CRMCs return to racing plan. From this, you will be able to understand:

1. What constraints the CRMC are under

2. What the first race meeting back will look like

3. The work going on behind the scenes to ensure that CRMC racing can return, with minimal risk to infection.