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Pembrey Event Report, Poll & Championship Results update

We have published an amended version of the Championship Results after a machine change was noticed in class 8b. The amended version is now available from the Results 2018 page 


Read our Event Report and let us know what you think about racing at Easter and where we go...  


Although the entry numbers were slightly lower than last year, the standard of racing at this fast Welsh circuit was excellent as usual, with lots of good races.  

Unfortunately there was an oil spill in the second race on Saturday morning that took almost 2 hours to clear up as it was all round the circuit. The rider apologised to the Clerk of the Course for the problem, but we all know these things happen sometimes. The clean-up was hampered more than a little by the changing conditions on Saturday morning, but in the end the combination of detergents and scrubbing brushes by the marshals, circuit staff and their tractor did the job and a small posse of riders completed a test-ride of the track and it was declared fit for racing.  

It looks like we were luckier than most with the weather, managing most of the races after the re-start on Saturday afternoon in near-dry conditions until the rain arrived late on Sunday afternoon. The stoppage meant that we had to cut one of the planned races on Saturday afternoon, but instead all the races were extended from 7 laps to 10 laps, which seemed to work well.  

The new timing systems we are using this year worked really well. For this season, we are timing the practice to set the first race grid, then all subsequent races are worked from the fastest lap achieved in the previous race, which we call "progressive grids". This has always been the preferred option by the majority of riders and is a good compromise to quickly produce grids and manage changing entries after DNF's, DNS and so on. The new timing system also means we have a brand new Live Timing facility available from the website, which proved to be an easy and popular way of watching the action on track, both at the circuit and by many who weren't there.  

For the first time at Pembrey, Electric Hook-Up was available in the paddock. Pembrey were able to offer this at a reasonable cost and we decided to experiment and take advantage of the offer. With 7 generators sited around the paddock, most people who wanted hook-up were able to get a connection. The recent rain did make the grass soft and the Pembrey tractors and 4x4 vehicles were used to good effect to help people get unstuck on Sunday afternoon!  


Easter start at Pembrey? 

For the last few years we have selected Pembrey to start the race season. In the past it has proven to be a good choice weather-wise, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about whether we should try and start there again next year and also, how you feel about racing at Easter? We cannot make any promises as it is always a tough task to get dates organised that suit everybody and minimise clashes with other events and clubs, but it would be good to hear from you!