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FZ600 tyre - the Bridgestone Battlax S21

Calling all FZ600 Riders:

Sourcing a 16 inch front tyre for the FZ’s has been a problem since Avon stopped producing them and existing stocks are running out.

Whilst all this has been going on, it looks like Bridgestone have unwittingly come to the rescue of FZ owners with their Battlax Hypersport S21 radial tyre.

CRMC member Jerry Longland has been using the tyre since Snetterton and has only been outside the top three on one occasion (4th). all of which has put him on top of the 2023 CRMC Production Class Championship with only the Croft rounds to go.

At Donington several other FZ riders were also on the bandwagon and trying out the S21’s.

At 128mm the S21 is 10mm wider than the 16” Avon, but there are no tyre clearance issues and it works well in both dry and damp conditions. Jerry has yet to race on the tyre in the wet, but there are no indications that it will not perform in the rain. The tyre features dual compound construction that gives excellent corner grip and an extended tyre life when compared to the Avons Jerry used prior to the Bridgestone.

The Battlax 130/70 ZR16 S21 front carries a W speed rating (up to 168mph) which should suffice for most circuits CRMC race at!

Another plus of the S21 is the cost, that comes in at around £120.

The overall performance of the tyre has led Jerry to the conclusion that even if the Avons were to make a return, he would stick with the Bridgestones.

For those who are into the technical side of tyres. Bridgestone have an informative page on their website that covers contact patch, tread design and performance improvements in comparison to their earlier version the S20.


Bridgestone S21 Battlax front tyre