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CRMC Bulletin - Coronavirus

Information Bulletin to 2020 CRMC Race and Parade Members

The purpose of this bulletin is to bring race and Parade members up to date with the latest information on Covid 19 from the UK Government and the ACU Operational plan issued 12th May 2020 and how they affect the CRMC.

It is important that Competitors and Paraders read this bulletin and respond to the short questionnaire that will follow in a few days when everyone has had the chance to digest the information.

Current situation:

All race 2020 ACU permits have been suspended until Stage 3 of the Government COVID-19 recovery strategy.  July 4th is the earliest date that Stage 3 could be implemented by the Government and is subject to review and successful outcomes in the five Government tests.

The next scheduled CRMC event after July 4th is Cadwell Park on the 10th & 11th July, but this is now very doubtful as the ACU Operational plan, refers to a possible gradual return to action which initially will be low key, small scale, at a local level.

Conditions required for a return to racing:

  1. Reaching Stage 3 of the Government Recovery Strategy and the Green Light from the Government to restart race meetings within the Covid restrictions.
  2. A Risk Assessment for Motorcycle Events organised during the Covid 19 Crisis must be produced and approved by the ACU before a Race Permit can be issued.

Summary of changes to Race Meetings during the Covid 19 Crisis in line with the Provisional Risk Assessment:

  1. Prominent signage at the entrance to the venue and all around the paddock to emphasise social distancing measures.
  2. Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event and vehicles in the paddock will be spaced further apart than before.
  3. There will be limits, based on Government advice, placed on the total number participating in an event and that number may affect CRMC events.
  4. Attendance of Participants will be limited to themselves and one other, i.e. each entry will be entitled to two tickets instead of the usual three.
  5. No spectators will be allowed including friends and family unless they are the “one other” in the point 3 above.
  6. Prize Presentations would not be possible.
  7. Paddock café and bar facilities will not be available, but “takeaways” may be permitted.
  8. In the short to medium term, camping will not be permitted in the paddock.  (The definition of “camping” to be confirmed and could restrict meetings to one day events)
  9. New Signing-on procedures will be introduced to ensure the safety of Office Staff.
  10. New Technical Control procedures will be introduced to ensure the safety of Technical Control Staff.
  11. Maintaining Social Distancing for marshals may result in fewer marshal on a post that are likely to result in more red flag situations and consequent delays to the programme.
  12. Any participant who falls into the “extremely at risk” category will not be permitted to attend events for the foreseeable future.


Issued by the CRMC Committee Date 14/05/2020