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Improvements are underway at Cadwell Park and Mallory Park

Cadwell Park have major work going on to prepare for the 2020 season

Their website reports "Amongst the most significant of (the work) is the addition of more tarmac in the paddock. This will expand the amount of hard standing in the area above the current tarmac area at the bottom end of the paddock. This work will be carried out following the Cadwell Park Stage Rally on Sunday 2 February and will increase the amount of tarmac paddock area by more than 3000 square meters, effectively doubling the paddock space available to race clubs.

The paddock office next to the scrutineering bay, home to race admin during events, will also be replaced to complete the off-season overhaul.

As for the circuit itself, a number of tweaks are being made including resurfacing work at the chicane. The Armco barriers at Hall Bends and on the start/finish straight are also being re-profiled to increase the effectiveness of the run-off areas."

You can read more on the MSV website by clicking this link: https://news.cadwellpark.co.uk/cadwell-park-set-for-major-winter-works-ahead-of-2020-season.aspx

There are also improvements to the CCTV used by Race Control.

Mallory Park are building a fast exit from the paddock behind the garages

This will provide a fast exit from the paddock, by going behind the garages, and then straight across the circuit, on the start and finish straight. As it can be clearly seen from Race Control, it should streamline the Sunday afternoon exit.