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Fitting brake lever guards

Brake Lever Guards

The requirement to fit Brake Lever Guards was introduced into the ACU Handbook in 2020 with a conditional exemption for Classic machines. As most of the 2020 CRMC season was lost for one reason or another it is worth reminding members of the details:

  • The exemption only applies to Classic machines, not Post Classic machines.
  • For both Race and Parade Post Classic machines, Brake Lever Guards are compulsory.
  • For Classic machines the fitment is recommended, but optional.

Already there are reports of brake guards being found on the circuit at track days, so if you fabricate your own be sure to make a sound job of it.

There are many suppliers, here are just a few examples:

Amazon: Motorcycle Lever Guard Proguard Protector System CNC Aluminum & Plastic 7/8" 22mm Brake Clutch Levers Protector

eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk

No Limits Trackdays: https://shop.nolimitstrackdays.com/brake-lever-guards.html

This photo shows a lever guard fitted by drilling and tapping an alloy bar end. Other types use an expanding collet in the bar end.

Brake lever guard fitted