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CRMC Announce 4 ACU Championships for 2020

THIS IS REALLY EXCITING NEWS! The ACU have confirmed their sponsorship of the Classic and Post Classic Championships, and we are running 4 - yes 4! - championships this year!

We've been proud to have the support of the ACU for a few years now with the Classic 500 Championship and the Post Classic 1300 Championship, which have now been extended and will look like this:

  • Classic 500cc - all eligible Classic 500cc machines can enter; there is a 3 point gain for any bike using drum brakes (disc brakes take normal points)
  • Classic 350cc - all eligible Classic 350cc machines can enter; once again, there is a 3 point gain for any bike using drum brakes (disc brakes take normal points)
  • Post Classic Up to 750cc - all eligible Post Classic machines up to 750cc can enter
  • Post Classic 751 - 1300cc - all eligible Post Classic machines from 751cc to 1300cc can enter

This will make the championships competitive, fun, and enjoyable for everyone! 

And if you are already entered for your championship races, the ACU race really is good value: for £30 (£40 at Donington), you will get an extra timed practice session and a longer race. Now, what's not to like eh? Come and join the fun!

Race Entry details for the ACU Championship Races will be published at the same time as the normal CRMC races. Race Event numbers will be 10a, 10b, 10c & 10d. If you have an eligible bike and have registered and joined the CRMC online, you can login and add your bike to the relevant ACU Race Event. 

If you have any queries about how to do this, contact mark.george@crmc.co.uk