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2019 Season Review

As there isn't very much going on at the moment in the world of Motorcycle Racing, we have decided to create a video reviewing the 2019 season - and we need your help.

We are looking for any videos or photographs that you may have taken over the course of the 2019 season to be submitted for possible selection into the video.

It could be absoultely anything - maybe you had a great start off the line at Pembrey, or decided that the grass looked comfortable at Snetterton and you have an onboard video of this? 

Maybe your friend is a racer and you have some footage of one of their great battles from the 2019 season?

Maybe you have some hilarious paddock shots that you would like to show off and embarrass a few people?

Whatever it is you have, make sure to send it all over to Ben Robinson - his contact details can be found on the "Contacts" Page