Like swans gliding on a lake, all is calm on the surface whilst beneath, we have been busy, busy, busy! 
The new CRMC Eligibility 2019 Booklet has been published on Monday 21 January 2019 
CRMC Eligibility Rules 2019
Click to read the CRMC Eligibilty 2019 rules 
After much deliberation and consultation with several CRMC members, we are excited to announce a new Formula Ducati TTF1 class, which is intended to encourage more Ducatis out on track, emulating the iconic TTF1 bikes to compete in the competitive superbike races. There is also some further details about the Superbike classes, including use of modified super stock machines. 
All currently eligible superbikes will continue to be eligible, so these guidelines give more information about what can be done, including allowing the later Ducati DS (dual-spark) engines to be used (but not the EVO engines). Take a look at the CRMC 2019 Eligibilty Rules for more details. 
(An amended version correcting a typo has been issued 23 January) 
We are also pleased to announce development of the Sidecar Period 4 rules. Sidecar rules have remained static for several years, so this change allows certain production and Grand Prix 2 stroke engines (plus some some 8-valve 4-stroke engines) to be used: 
Production Based Engine (all limited to 750cc): 
• Suzuki T500 air cooled twin cylinder two stroke, 
• Suzuki GT750cc water cooled three cylinder two stroke. 
• Suzuki GS 750cc 8 valve double OHC air cooled four cylinder four stroke. 
• Kawasaki 500/750cc air cooled three cylinder two strokes. 
• Kawasaki Z2 750cc 8 valve DOHC air cooled four cylinder four stroke engine. 
Grand Prix Engines (limited to 500cc): 
• Konig 500cc Water Cooled Flat Four Two Stroke. 
Note – Other post 1972 (1970’s) engines may be eligible by request and discussion with the Sidecar Eligibility Officer 
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