New ACU rules for 2019 enforce previous suggestions that transponders should not be mounted between the top and bottom fork yolks. Read on to check the rules in case you need to move your transponder 
ACU rules change for 2019 regarding transponder fitment
It obviously makes sense to mount your transponder securely and so that it communicates properly to make sure you get your times recorded correctly.  
But the ACU have made a small change to the 2019 rule book and banned transponders from being fitted between the top yolk and bottom yolk on the forks. Many riders find it most convenient to fit the transponder on the bottom of the fork leg itself, which is fine and usually means the signal is picked up correctly.  
The ACU Handbook 2019 suggests some "ideal" placements, although the image shown won't really help for many of our classic machines. But it is a good idea to just check and make sure you don't fall foul of the new rule when you arrive at scrutineering for the first time! 
Click on the image for a larger version: 
ACU 2019 Handbook details the transponder mounting change
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