CRMC Sidecars

For full details and specifications for chassis, brakes, wheels/tyres and suspension see the classic sidecar Eligibility Rules. All CRMC classic sidecars are front exit. In Period 1 and 2 production based engines can go to +1mm overbore on manufacturers original bore and + 1mm on the standard bore of any big bore kit used to raise a 650cc engine to 750cc. Special/race engines e.g. Shortstroke or Weslake are limited to 750cc. 

To download and print an Eligibility Registration Form to apply for CRMC registration, please go to the Library and select the relevant form.

To find out more about eligibility, Click Here.

Period 1

For Production Based Air Cooled Twin Cylinder 2 Valve Motorcycle Engines (750 Production Twins) – This championship will cater for all standard stroke 2 valve twins. Note 650 to 750 big bore kits are eligible for this championship, crankshafts must be phased as the manufacturer intended. Eligible engines will be BSA A65/70, Triumph T120/140, Norton Atlas/Commando, BMW R75, Yamaha XS650, Moto Guzzi 750, Ducati 750, Harley Davidson 750 and any other production based engine to 750cc and 2 valve air cooled twin cylinder from the classic period.

12" 750cc Norton Picture
12" 750cc Norton
16" 750cc BMW Picture
16" 750cc BMW
10" 750cc Yamaha Picture
10" 750cc Yamaha
10" 750cc Norton Picture
10" 750cc Norton

Period 2

For Twin Cylinder Engined Specials and Multi Cylinder Engines (750 Specials and Multi’s) – This championship will cater for twin cylinder engines with altered stroke lengths or re-phased crankshafts (180/90 etc), 4 valve twins and any multi cylinder engine from the classic period limited to 750cc. Probable engines - BMW Short stroke, Honda CB750, Weslake, Triumph Weslake, Triumph/BSA 3, Imp plus any other classic eligible engine limited to 750cc for 4 stroke engines.

Note – 2 Stroke engines from the period (pre 1967) can run in this championship e.g. , DKW, Crescent and Saab limited to 750cc.

16" Shortstroke 750cc BMW Picture
16" Shortstroke 750cc BMW
10" 750cc Honda 4 Picture
10" 750cc Honda 4
13" Shortstroke 750cc BMW Picture
13" Shortstroke 750cc BMW

Period 3

Multi valve, multi cylinder engines over 750cc up to 1300cc. Also eligible are car engines from the classic period (e.g. Imp, Saab, NSU, Honda) any hybrid engine produced in the period (e.g. Earles Arrow, FATH URS).

10" Honda 4 Picture
10" Honda 4
10" 930cc Triumph 3 Picture
10" 930cc Triumph 3
13" 1040cc BMW Picture
13" 1040cc BMW
10" 1200cc Imp Picture
10" 1200cc Imp