Parade With CRMC

Parading with the CRMC - CRMC Parade Motorcycles 

The CRMC is proud to be the first racing motorcycle club to recognise that many people get a lot of fun and enjoyment from riding and seeing machines out on track, but not necessarily racing. CRMC parades encourage riders to venture out on track without the same risk of damage as racing, but all the fun. 

There is also a little more flexibility to accept CRMC Parade machines that don't meet the usual age cut-offs and classification, providing that the machine is otherwise interesting. CRMC Parade machines are expected to be prepared to the same high standard as machines used for racing. As with all CRMC racing motorcycles, a CRMC Eligibility Certificate is required. 

What will I need to parade with the CRMC? 

Parade bikes are checked by Technical Control the same as race bikes; in addition to everything you would expect for a road-going motorcycle, the sump drain plug will need to be lock-wired, as will the front fork drain-bolts. The bike must also be fitted with a shark’s-fin guard on the rear swingarm, to protect the rear chain sprocket. John Davidson looks after parade bike eligibility registration so if you have any queries, click here to contact John Davidson

You will need an ACU approved helmet (with the gold sticker on it), one-piece leathers, leather gloves and leather boots along with an identity tag with your name and date of birth. You will find useful information about starting racing which will also be helpful for you parading - click here for more information about starting racing 

To Register a motorcycle for CRMC Parades 

To download and print an Eligibility Registration Form to apply for CRMC registration, please go to the Library page and select the relevant form 

To Enter a Parade Motorcycle for a CRMC Event 

Go to the Calendar, choose your event and either enter online or download your Entry form, or contact the Race Entry Secretary here.  

Important News if you are over 70 

In January 2015, the ACU announced that parade riders aged over 70 years of age would need a parade licence issued by the ACU, rather than a DVLA motorcycle licence. The ACU charge £10 for a parade licence.  

More information is available from the ACU website