Eric Parr CRMC Personal Accident Policy - Unique Insurance for CRMC members 

A brief summary of the Eric Parr CRMC Personal Accident Policy 
From the 2014 race season, part of the Eric Parr CRMC Benevolent Fund bequest was used to pay for a Group Personal Accident Insurance policy, arranged with CRMC sponsors’ Four Counties Insurance Brokers and underwritten with Accident & Health Underwriting. This policy is intended to help riders who either have a serious accident or lose income because they are unable to work following a crash at a CRMC event (unfortunately it will not pay benefits to retired members). 
The CRMC Management Committee hopes to be able to continue this cover in future years, depending on finances. However future availability will depend on insurers offering cover and the CRMC committee accepting the terms of renewal 
This is a brief summary of the current cover provided. For further information and a specimen of the current policy, please contact a CRMC Committee member. 
All full, annual CRMC members are covered (up to age 85, both racing and parading. Sorry, but weekend and overseas members are not included). 
Cover applies only for accidents at CRMC events (including track/test days arranged to coincide with CRMC events) 
Benefits provided include the following compensation in respect of Accident: 
£50,000 Accidental Death 
£50,000 Loss of Sight in One or Both Eyes 
£50,000 Loss of One or More Limbs 
£50,000 Permanent Loss of Speech 
£20,000 Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in one ear 
£50,000 Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in both ears 
£50,000 Permanent Total Disability (other than loss of sight, limb, speech or hearing) 
£150 per week Temporary Total Disability - (commencing after 14 days of disablement for 104 weeks)* 
The insurance policy will be known as the Eric Parr CRMC Personal Accident Policy, to recognise his generosity 
* Weekly benefits can only be paid to eligible members who suffer a loss of regular income after an accident. Under UK law, a claim cannot be made if there is no financial loss, e.g a retired person who does not have any earned income cannot claim for the weekly benefit 

A Little More About Eric Parr 

In 2014, CRMC Chairman Mark George wrote an article for the club magazine Open Megga about Eric Parr. Click here to see a PDF version of this article 
(If you don't have an Adobe PDF Reader installed, you can download here
Racing motorcycles with the CRMC
This is not an official Policy Summary or Policy Document and policy cover may vary. It does not include the full terms, conditions and exclusions which relate to this insurance. These are contained in the Policy Wording, which is available from a CRMC Committee member. 
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