2021 Directory of CRMC Race Classes

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If you are not sure which bikes race in which class, or perhaps you are looking for inspiration to buy a bike to race, this directory should help you. All the current CRMC Race Classes are shown, giving you lots of useful information. Or, if you prefer, click here to browse a sample list of CRMC race bikes and we'll take you to the CRMC race class:

  • Class description
  • Event number (used in timing and the programme)
  • Photographs of eligible machines
  • Colours of race numbers and backgrounds
  • Contact details of the CRMC Eligibility Officer & Class Representative

To find out more, click on one of the following linked pages:

ACU Championship Classes

10a ACU Classic 500cc Championship
10b ACU Classic 350cc Championship
10c ACU Post Classic 1300cc Championship
10d ACU Post Classic 750cc Championship

CRMC Sidecar Classes

1a Sidecars P1
1b Sidecars P2
1c Sidecars P3
1d Sidecars P4

CRMC Classic Solo Classes

2a Classic Four strokes solos up to 200cc
3a Classic solos up to 250cc of European manufacture & Classic Four stroke Twins up to 250cc
4a Classic solos up to 350cc of European manufacture
4b Classic solos up to 350cc, Rider 55yrs or over
4c Classic twin & multi cylinder solos up to 350cc
4d Classic solos BSA Goldstar up to 350cc
4e Classic solos up to 350cc two stroke twins (Non Championship)
5a Classic solos up to 500cc
5b Classic solos up to 500cc, Rider 55yrs or over
5c Classic solos BSA Goldstar up to 500cc
6a Classic Formula 750 solos
7c Classic Clubman solos 251-1300cc

CRMC Post Classic Solo Classes

8a Moto Superbike: P/Classic 2 Superbike solos 650cc-750cc, P/Classic 2 Superbike solos
751-1300cc 1300, P/Classic solos Formula Ducati TTF1 & P/Classic 2 GP solos 490-500cc)
8c Superbike Originals: Post Classic Superbike 1 solos 501cc-1300cc
& Post Classic Clubman solos up to 750cc.
8d Post Classic 1 Air cooled solos up to 500cc
8e Classic & Post Classic Production solos up to 1300cc
8h Post Classic 1 Air cooled solos up to 250cc
8k Post Classic Superstock 750
8m Post Classic Superstock 400 (Non Championship)
9a Post Classic Grand Prix solos up to 350cc
9b Post Classic Grand Prix solos up to 350cc rider 55yrs or over
9c Post Classic Grand Prix solos up to 250cc
9d Post Classic 1 Piston Port solos up to 125cc
9e Post Classic 1 & 2 solos up to 125cc
9f Post Classic solos up to 125cc 1987-1989