Introduction to the CRMC Online Entry System 

The CRMC Online Entry System has been designed to make it easy for our members to enter races and parades, partly by being able to submit entries digitally and partly by standardising the information submitted, so it is more consistent and accurate for our entry secretary to register your entry. 


Please note that you are applying to enter, but your entry will not be considered or accepted until you have paid.  
It is your responsibility to make your payment by the payment date (normally a month before the event date), which will be shown on the online entry system and repeated in the email you receive after submission. To submit your entry, you must indicate how you want to pay: 
Payment Options  
Pay by credit or debit card at no extra cost; you will be asked for your card details to make payment immediately 
Pay by Bank Credit System (BACS, or bank transfer). If you are entering an event several months before, most banks will accept a deferred BACS payment, which you can date to coincide with the relevant payment date for the event you want to enter; 
Pay by cheque, sending a cheque to the Entry Secretary (details are shown on the Entry Form or can be found on the Contacts page)  
If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation of your entry from the Entry Secretary, along with your tickets and Final Instructions. Entries are usually confirmed approximately two weeks before the race date. 

Secure Card Payments 

In accordance with recommended security practice and current legislation, neither CRMC or Payment Sense (our merchant card services supplier) store full card information. For your protection, you will always be asked for your card information each time you want to make a card payment. 

Save your details to the Membership Database -  

1) Firstly, go to the event page you want to enter and complete your details - you only need to do this once, so check everything is correct.  
You will need to enter the following: 
Membership Number 
Address (street, town, county, postcode) 
Licence type 
Licence number 
Licence grade 
Transponder number (leave blank if you are hiring one) 
2) When you have entered these details for the first time, click on the 'Save Details' icon - you will be asked for a password for future use 
If your details change, you can just overwrite the correct information, and click to save the new details (please see the screen shot below)  
If something has changed, please also remember to tell the Membership Secretary too so we can amend the Membership Records!  
At the bottom of the entry form, there is a space for you to tell us about anything you need to tell us. 
Searched but your details aren't found? 
If you have not yet registered for online entries or only recently joined the CRMC, you may find that the details have not yet been uploaded to the online system. Don't worry, you can still enter online by completing all your name and address details, including your Membership number. Please tell us that your details were not found automatically and we will check and ensure that the latest database is uploaded. 
CRMC online entry system

Machine Eligibility Database 

The database of solo machines (sidecars are coming!) registered with CRMC will be searched when you enter your eligibility number against the races you want to enter and the machine details will be entered. As with the Membership Database, if you spot any mistakes in the information that is entered for you, please type the correct details, submit your entry online and please tell us about the amendment by email or phoning - this will ensure the details are corrected and minimise problems when you sign on at the event.  
Searched but your machine isn't found? 
If you have only recently registered your machine with the club, you may find that the details have not yet been uploaded to the online system yet, but you will still be able to enter online, by completing the information from your CRMC Eligibility card. Please tell us that your machine details were not found automatically and we will check and ensure that the latest machine database is uploaded. 
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