Mallory Park test day Thursday 18th May. 
Mallory Park are adding an ACU test day on their calendar for Thursday 18th May, two days before the CRMC meeting on 20th & 21st.  
CRMC riders testing on the Thursday are welcome to stay over in the paddock on the Friday ready for the CRMC weekend.  
The cost is £140 and pre booking with the circuit on 01455 502214 is essential. 
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On 10th April 2017 at 18:42, Mark George - CRMC Chairman and Webmaster wrote:
(In response to Richard Molnar's comment on 09/04/17) We are pleased to confirm we will have been given permission to use the Mallory circuit without the Edwina's chicane, after discussing this with Mallory Park and the ACU. This particular chicane is not popular with riders and there is some evidence to show that there were more fallers there and the CRMC are grateful to all concerned for allowing us to try without it. We will be closely monitoring this and depending on results, will decide whether to not use it at future meetings.
On 9th April 2017 at 19:33, Richard Molnar wrote:
Will the test day be run with or without edwinas chicane?